Coaching and Mentoring Program

The purpose of the Coaching and Mentoring program is to provide you with the skills and knowledge, and give you a clear understanding of how to deal with technical and complex Industrial Relations issues, on the ground, where you need assistance the most.

In todays Industrial Relations environment businesses are facing an array of issues with Trade Unions and other employee representative organisations. These range from simple disciplinary and performance management, to enterprise bargaining. The focus of the program is the guide you through a myriad of practical solutions that you can implement in order to stave off unecessary 3rd party involvement. These practical solutions will over time increase productivity and flexibility through direct employee engagement.

The program necessitates you opening your mind and considering fundamentally diverse ways of thinking and leading. Specialist IR Coaching and Mentoring has emerged as a critical and valuable tool for inexperienced HR Consultants, Advisors and Managers.

Our goal is to work with you, not for you, to develop your effectiveness in dealing with Industrial Relations issues. We will engage in a meaningful way, explore different perspectives and insights, and generate solutions.

Our approach draws upon years of practical experience, and combines a vast array of tactics and skills that distinguish us from other consultancy firms. The Coaching and Mentoring program is a partnership based on trust and respect. Learning will be challenging, but those challenges will result in new discoveries.

There is an ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the process, and it requires commitment and willingness to see it through to it's conclusion.

Coaching and Mentoring options are available (travel and accomodation incur extra costs), but not limtied too:

1. Hourly coaching

2. Monthly fixed-fee (20hr week)

3. 3 month (38hr week)

4. 6 month (38hr week)